Self Serve Dog Wash:

Our self service includes a choice of three shampoos, conditioner, aprons, grooming tools, towels, dryer, ear cleaner, and coat finishing spray. 

Self Service Prices:

  • Small (less than 30lbs)     $15
  • Medium (under 100lbs)    $19
  • Large (over 100lbs)         $24  

Add Ons:

Nail Trim                     $10

Nail Dremel.                $14

Anal Glands                 $10

Sanitary Trim               $10

Feet Trimming             $10

Shaving out pads          $6

Teeth Brushing             $10

Ear Cleaning                 $10

Full Service Grooming:

Basic salon service: includes bath, brush, fluff drying, ear cleaning, nail trim.

Premium salon service: includes the basic and coat trimming and styling.

Full service grooming prices are based on breed. Please call for an estimate based on an accurate description of your pet's size, coat, and temperament.

Shed-Less 3 Step Treatments: 

  1. Bathe using a hypo-allergenic tearless shampoo and conditioner designed to strengthen and repair the hair while relaxing the undercoat.
  2. Removal of up to 90% of the shedding hair using specialized brushes and combs.
  3. Your pets' skin and coat will be greatly improved, your home will have less unwanted hair, and you and your pets will benefit from a reduction in allergies.