The Pet Wash - Self Serve Dog Wash and Full Service Grooming
Monday-Friday 9am - 6pm
Saturday 9am - 6pm
Sunday 9am - 6pm

Last walk-in service is at 5:30
The Pet Wash is Woodinville’s self-wash and full service grooming salon.
Call today for a full service grooming appointment!
At The Pet Wash self serve dog wash we supply the shampoo, conditioner, towels, apron, ear cleaner, additional grooming tools for use and some post bath conditioning spray.
We make dog washing easy by having raised tubs with ramps, perfect water temperature and there is no messy clean up afterwards.  We have a variety of different shampoos; hypo-allergenic tearless, flea & tick, and an anti-itch for dry skin. 
No appointment is necessary, first come first serve.
At The Pet Wash, there is little or no waiting to groom your pet, even on weekends. We have the Bath Master bathing system that automatically dispenses an array of shampoos and conditioners cutting pet washing time up to 70%, and the most powerful blow dryers, which dry your pet in half the time of regular dryers.  Our dryer units are mounted above the ceiling to reduce the noise level for a more enjoyable bathing experience.
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